Country Buffet

Country Buffet

Friday, June 25, 2010

~Can't Let A Good Thing Go~

A month later, and I'm still blogging about my Swiss trip. I had such a fantastic time that I'm having a hard time letting go. Likewise it was a long awaited experience and being such I have captured these wonderful memories and think on them a little each day. Levi even commented:"Mom, can you believe you actually went to Switzerland?"~I'm still pinching myself.

The above photo is a Swiss tike's first bike. It has rubber covered wooden wheels and they scoot along to mobilize. This little gal was smoking along at a good clip!

Willis Brotladen is the community bread store in Regula's neighborhood. His store is open early in the morning until noon. Since Willi is also a farmer, he is in the process of building a self serve kiosk so that he can bake the bread, display it for sale in which customers will serve themselves to their selections(likewise honestly paying for their purchases without a cashier!) so that Willi can leave early to tend to his farm. The first time I experienced this honest/self serve exchange was at a farm where we bought some fresh vegetables. Regula made her selections, added the total and left her money in a cash box. We never saw the proprietor. I was amazed as one just doesn't see that type of integrity anymore--even in a small community as Albin. The produce would be gone along with the cash box.

Some street musicians. I enjoyed their selections;however, store owners pay them to move around to different locations.

It kind of seemed comical to see a McDonald's amid the medieval architechture. Lukas and Levi said I should have gone in to compare the menu--which now seems like an interesting idea. At the time I was enjoying things from the 1100's.......

For example, this Knight's armour from the 1200's at Burg Hohenklingen.

Next to Regula's house is an indoor and outdoor track facility. The weekend I was there it hosted a huge gymnastic competition. I had never seen anything like this before with large groups choreographing their skills to music. They also competed (5 individuals at once) on the rings and in a dance style event.

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