Country Buffet

Country Buffet

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Poor Joe

Metro League Wrestling

January 23th Levi participated in the Regional Tournament in Gilchrist, CO. He placed fifth which earned him a chance to compete in the Championship Tournament. It took place on January 30th in Greeley, CO at the UNC campus. There were 12 in his 14 and under, 105 lb weight bracket. He ended up placing 7th. He really wrestled well this season. Now for a three week break and then he will compete in a Wyoming league called WAWA.

The Rest of the Family

Lukas received good news from the Dr. It looks like he will have a full recovery from his C5 injury. He's gaining strength and could possibly be healed up by next year's wrestling season. In the meantime he helps Mike with the high school team at Burns. Every weekend they are competing around the State. Three more weeks are left in the season until the State Tournament in Casper. It's been hard for Lukas to be "benched" but at least it looks hopeful for next year.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Back In The Groove

January 2010:
~Christmas vacation flew by... spent most of it chopping ice on the stock tanks and trying to keep the cattle fed during the arctic blasts and blizzards. We made a quick trip out to Kearney, NE for our niece's wedding on January 2. The ceremony and reception were held at the restored Opera House in Minden,NE. It was a beautiful wedding and fun to visit with family. Lukas and Levi are back in school. The end of the semester is on January 15th. Wrestling practices are in full swing.~

Levi wrestled in Cheyenne at the Metro League Regional Tournament. He placed fourth in the 14 and under,105lb division. In two weeks he'll wrestle again at the District Tournament.

On Wednesday we had another blizzard. This one lasted throughout the day but blew in below zero temperatures which persisted until Saturday. Today, however, was a beautiful, warm 40 degrees!