Country Buffet

Country Buffet

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lions, Deer, T-birds, Cats and Dogs

~The Showdown in Motown~

Mike and Levi flew to Detroit to take in the Lions Monday Night football game against the Bears. It was an awesome adventure and a great game as John started on defense...and the Lions won! Thanks, Angie and John for your hospitality and for these great pictures. I'm enjoying the conversations of all they saw and experienced!

Mike and Levi with John at the "walk through" on Sunday.

Game night with Angie

While they were gone, we got our first was 85 in Detroit!

~Hi-ho, Hi-ho a hunting he does go~

Levi shot this nice 3x3 buck on opening day!

~First Day of School~

Just couldn't resist that "mom, making the kid squint into the sun, first day of school" photo opp! Levi is a Freshman and is going to East High in Cheyenne this year. He'll be wrestling as a Thunderbird.

~Parting shots~

The nuisances of the back door.

Cowboy: aka- Chewy Louie, one of our two new puppies.