Country Buffet

Country Buffet

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October Snow

October 6:

We waited all summer for a rain. Thrilled with the snow! It melted off by the next day--but what a blessing!

Men vs Mule Deer

The Mule Deer of Romsa Farms

Cousin David

Lukas and Levi
Levi's is still "in the velvet"!

Mike filled his tag,too.

AUGUST: School, Sweet Corn and a Blue Moon

The first day of Levi's Sophomore year at East High in
Cheyenne.  It has been well worth the $ in gas to drive
the daily 100 mile round trip.
The wrestlers supporting the football team!

My garden's sweet corn when nuts! Lots of boiling
water and a sticky kitchen has yielded a freezer
full to enjoy this winter!

August 31: The second full moon of the month.
When two full moons occur in a single month it is referred
to as a "Blue Moon".

A Long, Dry, Hot Summer

Replacement heifers.  One got very good at doing the
"Limbo" and found her way to Grandma Mary's garden
where she helped to herself to the sweet corn.

By Summers end all that was left was sagebrush,
resulting in the daily chore of feeding hay.

As the drought continues, we face some major decisions.
Sell the bred cows? Sell the replacement heifers?
Keep this years weanling heifers?
Sell them all....