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Thursday, June 10, 2010

From Frescoes To Pipe Organs

Die Kirchen

(The Churches)

The above photo is the sanctuary where Regula was married in Diessenhoffen. It was part of a monastery in its early history. Now the other buildings are used as a nursing home. I took this picture through a locked gate. The church is opened for special occasions and not utilized as a weekly worship facility. Many of these churches don't have central heating so they are also closed during the winter. Their beauty brought tears to my eyes more than once.

Below, Regula cranked up the pipe organ in the special chapel for the nuns at the nursing home.

~St. Maria~

If I translated the plaque on the church correctly, this was the first Catholic church built in Schaffhausen after the Reformation. It is celebrating its 125 anniversary. Special Ascension Day services were held at both Catholic and Protestant churches while I was there. It is a European holiday. All the church bells in town pealed from 9am to 9:30am. What a marvelous experience. Later that day Regula and I attended mass at St. Maria as this is her church.

~St. Johanns~

This is the interior of the church I mentioned in an earlier blog. Its origins were Catholic but now it is Protestant. The pipe organ is magnificent. On a return visit, I had the treat of hearing the church organist practice!


There is a Swiss village named Paradies (oder auf Englisch~Paradise). This church is over 500 years old and was also part of a monastery. The other buildings are now utilized for wedding receptions because, of course, everyone wants to get married in Paradise! Regula's parents attend this church.

This was the first church Regula took me to. Its name now escapes me; however, upon entering the tears began to flow. A wave of awe hit me~such beautiful places to worship God.

~Kartause Ittigen~

A Carthusian Monastery: 1461-1868

This was home to 12-15 monks whose day was divided into strict periods of work, rest and prayer and were committed by oath to silence. The facilities now serve as a museum, convention center and brewery. They make a great amber beer from the hops that is grown here.

The church is Rococo style. There is no organ as Carthusian mass is sung without accompaniment.

These choir stalls were carved around 1700.

The frescoed ceiling.

What the monks used to heat what I imagine to have been a cold and drafty room in the 1400's.

~Munster Zu Allerheiligen~

(Cathedral Of All Saints)

In 1103 this was a Benedictine monastery. Now the sanctuary is a Protestant church. The original front door is constructed of very thick wood and is so heavy that now it is opened with hydraulics.

The interior and the organ.

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