Country Buffet

Country Buffet

Friday, July 16, 2010

Zoom Goes To School...And Back To The Farm

~Summer after summer has gone by and Zoom kept getting another year older without being broke to ride. He became my project for this summer and after 30 continual days of training he's proved to be a nice fellow to work with. Mike had to remind me that I am not 18 anymore. So Levi got to be the first guy to give him a whirl. The first ride was uneventful and Zoom's training is progressing. However, he got this week off since we were trying to wrap up the wreck of putting up the first cutting of hay. Two inches of rain on the 4th of July set us back not to mention ruin the quality of the hay--but that's how it goes! Levi has been busy working summer fallow and I've been on the baler. At any rate, Zoom is on his way.~

~ Lucy's early spring batch of kittens. She looks like she's got another load on board.~

~I was down at the garden and this robin was literally hopping mad at Hank and me.~

~Wyoming -where your wranglers dry in 15 minutes~

Temperature 90 degrees and 9% humidity

Lukas and Levi changing cultivator points....again

Ready for the field!

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