Country Buffet

Country Buffet

Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012~The year God grew a crop without rain~

June 25-July 4
The first time in history that farmers in our area harvested this early.
Normally, the combines are rolling the third week in July.

Our chuck wagon.  Mary Kay kept us well fed.

~Harvest sunsets~

Harvest just isn't for the daytime!

Inside the combine looking down at the header.

At the elevator. My signal to raise the hoist on my truck.

We spent several days cutting in the smoke from all the fires to the West and South of us.  Can't imagine what it was like at the fires.


A nice Muley we've been tracking all over Romsa Farms!

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Eric Chasteen said...

It sure was great to see the pics of 2012 harvest. We had a great time working with you all and are so glad to have become friends with you! Keep sharing the stories on line - we love to check them out! -The Chasteens