Country Buffet

Country Buffet

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SEWAC Champions~A photo journal of Levi's 8th Grade Football Season

SEWAC consists of the following teams: Burns, Lingle, Lusk, Pine Bluffs and Southeast.
After losing a non-conference opener against Wheatland, the Jr. High Broncs put it all together to end the season undefeated against their conference opponents. It was fun to watch the team develop throughout the season. Levi made ten touchdowns due to a sweet little play where the line created a hole for him to slip through and bust wide open to the end zone. Everyone executed their jobs well so he could gain the yards. This is a great bunch of kids and I'm looking forward to watching them compete in the years to come.

~Mike and Levi~

~The following are my favorites of the season~

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John and Angela said...

GO LEVI! Glad to see the Broncs and him have some success. Nothing like hs football!