Country Buffet

Country Buffet

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Dream Come True--Part 1

~A Story Of Friendship~
27 years ago I met a girl from Switzerland. She had come to Cheyenne as an Exchange Student. It was my Senior year in High School and I had just returned from a summer exchange program in Japan. I knew the range of emotions she was feeling: excitement to homesickness. After our Senior year she returned home. However, since the Spring of 1984 she has returned to see me five times and during these times my entire family has fallen in love with her. Over the years it has been a dream to go see her. So, after all this time, I bought a ticket, hopped on a plane and spent nine wonderful days with my friend Regula Marti in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

The word " reisen" means "trip". So, I couldn't resist this photo opp!

A countryside picture with the Alps in the background. The weather turned cold and rainy so we didn't make it to see them---this will be saved for another trip! The yellow in the fields is raps and the green is wheat.

One day we took a 6 mile hike alongside the Rhein. The trail was made in the 1980's when a man decided to clean up all the barbed wire that was still left after WWII. There are still bunkers on the edge of the river.

Some cows enjoying the sunshine after the rain.

On our hike we got the blessing of watching these swans exhibit their grace and beauty.

This is raps (rapeseed). This time of year it is in full bloom and smells heavenly. It is fairly tall. When I walked out into the field it came up to my shoulders. The blooms will fall and the plant will ripen to form thousands of black seeds that will be pressed into oil for cooking.