Country Buffet

Country Buffet

Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Tech Fall Season

Regional Wrestling
Lingle, WY
February 19&20
Todd placed 2nd in the 215 lb Division and Frankie placed 4th at 160 lbs. These two along with four other guys on the team qualified for State. We were excited and hopeful for Todd to make it to the Championship round.

Our wrestling family:
Jacob, Rhonda, Chase, Becca, Levi, Trenton and Max
(On Sunday, Feb 21, Chase was sledding at our house. He shattered his left elbow and fractured his left hip.)
Coach Romsa matside, wondering why his wrestler didn't get nearfall points.

State Wrestling
Casper, WY
February 26 & 27
Friday night and the parade of champions. All the 2A -4A teams are introduced at this special ceremony.
Frankie in action at the Events Center.
All our hopes were dashed. No one made it into the placing rounds and Todd severely injured his elbow and forearm. He had to drop out of competition. We returned home with a bus load of disappointed kids. I feel especially bad for Todd as this is his Senior year.

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